Sunday, 1 September 2013

Arab Spring

Scrivs and I finally managed to get our calendars to coincide for a game of soldiers.
Given that he's running a WAB El Cid event that I've signed up to and the last time that I played WAB was at the Peterborough event last year we decided to dig out the splendid El Cid supplement.
I was expecting to play the Infidels of the redoubtable Christian general El Scrivs, but it turned out I was to have a civil war on my hands as Al-Scrivensar and his Almoravids had turned up to the battle.
So the scene was set for some hardcore Almoravid on Almoravid action.
As Al-Scrivsenar was a venerable Emir and I a mere Emir we decided that Ibn Coldir was clearly the charismatic young leader trying to overthrow the wily elder statesman.
Our lists were quite different I was character heavy with two large units of spearmen and bows with some Christian allies ready to ride down the Islamic hordes. While Al-Scrivsenar had placed all his faith in lots and lots and lots of spearmen.

The ensuing battle was a titanic struggle that started cagily with neither side willing to charge.
Eventually I broke the deadlock and was rewarded for my impatience by seeing half my army turn tail and flee. It looked all over, but some fortunate rallying and a terrific pursuit of some over enthusiastic spearmen hauled me right back into it.
Sadly the wily Al-Scrivsenar was able to turn the screw once more and finally the forces of Ibn Coldir were surrounded and cut down.
Apologies for the picture quality my camera battery died faster than even my Christian knights and so I was forced to use the i-phone camera

 Skirmishers forge ahead

 Ready your bows my brothers

 Turncoats crest the hill

 Ibn Coldir's cavalry ride to meet them

 You cowardly infidels! No pay for you!

 Stab, grind, stab!

 Right, lets take a breather


 Aha, our foes are vanquished. Apart from the ones behind us.

We go to Allah!

Al-Scrivsenar's biased portrayal of the "facts" can be found here.

A splendid game that lasted well over the allotted six turns but we were having fun, so who's counting. Great to see and play Scrivs again and the new venue they've secured for the club is fantastic. Really looking forward to the event there now.

In fact the only downside of the evening was that top chum James turned up and left me with a whole pile of free lead (and the start of a new project). Thanks James.

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