Tuesday 3 September 2013

Swindon Sojourn

I am in sunny (no really) Swindon all week with work.
Unfortunately no-one I work with actually lives in Swindon, so my evenings are spent in solitude in my hotel.
There was a time in my youth when I found this impossibly glamorous.
Now I just find it a drag.
Anyway to stave off boredom I remembered to bring some soldiers with me to help pass the time.
So last night was spent cleaning, glueing and painting to the sounds of 6 music

Here's what my desk looked like when I started. Glue, pennies and Foundry Africans

After an hour or so I had this to show

Ten archers all glued to Brenda's face.
They're these models I think Stealthy Tribal Archers

After that, with the superglue fumes inflaming my brain I started in on painting the Americans I picked up last week

Just base coats on the trousers, faces and helmets so far. I'm doing them the same way I did the last lot - simple base coats and then I'll dip them when I get home.
Apologies for the quality of the pictures - it's just on my i-phone with a hotel light bulb.

Tonight more basecoating and some spearmen I hope.


  1. I remember sticking Epic models together in a hotel in the Netherlands. After a while airports, hotels, lecture theatres all start to look alike.

  2. good use of some work down time, US troops are looking good

  3. Great use of time, I bet you wouldn't have got that much done at home?

  4. Indeed folks a great use of an otherwise fruitless time.
    I'm quite pleased with myself.
    And I certainly did get more done than I would have at home.