Friday, 6 September 2013

Swindon Sojourn (3)

And so the week draws to a close and I must bid a not so fond farewell to my beige featureless hotel room.

However I do so with a happy heart because I have managed to get some hobby done.

Ten Africans with bows and ten with spears, together with a couple of chiefs and five Askaris have been successfully glued to the face of her maj and equipped with weapons.

Meanwhile I have managed to apply all the base colours to a dozen US infantry models, meaning I should get them dipped next week with a bit of luck and a following wind,

Here they are - poor quality iPhone picture again.

In other news I am being leaned on to play In Her Majesty's Name.

Generally my views on VSF and Steampunk are best summarised by this article.
There's just something about it that seems, well a bit silly really so I can't get too excited*

On the other hand the rules have been well received and are only £6 on the Kindle and I've probably got models that'd be suitable up in the loft somewhere....

*And yes I know I happily play WFB and other equally silly things but this just crosses some sort of line I didn't even know existed

1 comment:

  1. Good effort on the painting front last week.
    I find time in hotels can be well spent, I did the base coat on loads of Han Chinese while spending a week in a Holiday Inn in Oxford last year. The lighting tends to be terrible though so I have to take a day-light lamp.