Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dux Britanniarum

So some month ago, having had the rules for nigh on a year, we embarked on a Dux Britanniarum Campaign.
I had high hopes for the game as the feedback around the interwebs had been universally positive and sensible fellows with good taste like Guitarhero Andy and Fleetfoot Mike had been having lots of fun with the games.
Sadly I have to report that I don't like Dux Britanniarum, There. I've said it. Apologies to all of you out there enjoying it, but I'm not feeling the love.
I've tried, really I have, but I just can't seem to get on with it. After the last game my opponent looked at me and said "If it wasn't for the campaign system, we'd have given up on this long ago" and he was all too right. So when he returns from his enforced leave from gaming, induced by that terribly illness fatherhood I doubt we'll be picking up the floppy rulebook and tasteful plastic box of cards again. I think we'll play something we like.
That said we struggled on through  a number of games all of which were pleasing on the eye and I took some pictures, so there will now follow a few blog posts with eye candy of the Fall of Elmet campaign

 The hairy raiders race down the valley with stolen cattle in tow

 Suddenly the British general appears to block their way

 In heroic style the British leader hurls himself at the Saxons

 Meanwhile the raiders continue to driver their plunder on

 More Britons block the way

As the casualties mount the brave British warriors begin to melt away

This was our second game. The first had ended somewhat prematurely when the random set-up and starting rolls meant I was unable to envisage a win and so withdrew to preserve my forces - historically accurate, maybe - but not much fun for an evening gaming. 
I'm pretty sure the Saxons won this game - I think the British broke and fled leaving me the field - possibly after I had killed their general.


  1. So if you don't like Dux-Brit .. what is your Dark Ages game of choice (out of interest) ??

  2. I still love WAB and very much enjoyed the games of Dux Bellorum I've played. Both of which are a different scale to Dux Brit of course.
    For Dark Age skirmish I really enjoy SAGA - hopefully a version for Age of Arthur will be out at some point.
    In the meantime my opponent and I discussed using LotR rules for Age of Arthur skirmishing - though I suspect Ronin will be taking up our time when he returns from paternity leave.

    1. I'm a big SAGA fan myself but I must admit Dux Bellorum is surprisingly enjoyable too.

  3. I'm afraid, we came to the same conclusion, Tom. The rules are just too full of holes, which is frustrating.

  4. I'm just about to set up for the first game, but I agree the rules are a bit holey. I think it would be OK if you and your opponent are prepared to wing it. Although there are plenty of discussions and some clarifications on the TFL yahoo group, the blog doesn't have much on the game. Maybe it isn't a big money spinner for TFL and doesn't justify the support?

  5. It is the campaign system that makes it work - the rules themselves aren't anything special but I have enjoyed my games so far. Fortunately there are plenty of other rule sets to explore!

  6. Stephen - glad to know it's not just me. I was beginning to think I was the only person who didn't "get it" as far as Dux Brit was concerned.
    Mitch - good luck with the games. I think you may be right, but we could never quite agree on what was intended or work out a satisfactory compromise.
    David - glad you are enjoying your games. The campaign system is great I agree and that's what kept us going for the five or six games we went through - but alas it wasn't quite enough for me.

  7. May I ask what you don´t like about the game, and what are those holes?

  8. Sorry to heare that you don´t like the Dux Britanniarum rules, I love them as you surely know.

    But I can totaly understan that they anr´t everyones cup of tea as they ar as mentioned full of holes, that you and you oponent might have to think some about.

    I might also say that the initial threshold was high, I think we played at least 3-4 games before we started to realy enjoy the games.

    The real blast for me using the rules have been our Dux Suecia Campaing (15th centery swedish civilwar). It gives us realy good games, but there are still quite much rules questions as the rules arn´t that cleare in all perspectives.

    Have a realy nice weekend !

    best regards Michael