Friday 20 September 2013

Ready for the dip

I finished these off soon after my return from the desolate Chaos wastelands otherwise known as Swindon.
This post was supposed to be a before and and after shot of them getting dipped. However matt varnish problems have put a stop to that, so here they are before being coated in dip.

First the archers. I've just been reading She by H Rider Haggard for my book group, which rather inspired the leopard skin loin cloths.
Very basic paintjob - plastikote chocolate brown undercoat, overbrush with Dark Flesh, Iyanden Darksun loincloth with Scorched Brown blotches and pick out the spear tip in Chainmail and the hair Chaos Black. Leather bits Snakebite Leather and the flights in white.

Spearmen painted exactly as above:

Askaris have Deneb Stone clothing and one has a Blood Red hat, while the rifle stocks are Bestial Brown

Meanwhile here are better pictures of the Americans (who needed a little tidying up once I got them away from the hotel room and back into some decent light)

As I say, they've all now been dipped but until I can get some matt varnish I can't make any progress.


  1. If it comes to a scrap, my money's on the Americans! Nice work. I'm not a huge fan of dipping, but it does seem to work well. Lovely stuff!

  2. I've just finished King Solomons Mines. Will you all please stop tempting me with new projects.
    BTW. when on tour I always take a daylight lamp for painting in hotels. What passes for lighting in Holiday Inns, Travelodges, Premier Inns, etc. these days would shame the ancients.

  3. I'm not a big fan of dipping either. However I've started using it for "side projects" as a quick and dirty way of getting models that i'll otherwise never get finished onto the table.
    The Yanks were a bargain buy with a mate to try out BA and the Darkest Africans a gift from another chum. If i waited to paint them properly they'd just join the lead pile in the sky - this way I'll get some games in.

    Yup I'll be packing the daylight bulb when I'm down in Swindon in December...