Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Donald Featherstone RIP

Very sad to hear the news today of Donald Featherstone’s passing.

Just like Fleetfoot Mike I read (and re-read) many of Don’s books at a formative age borrowed from my village library (possibly this is because Mike and I shared the same village library – albeit unknowingly).

At the time I think I struggled to completely grasp the rules and I know my chums and I only ever tried a couple of times to actually play the games he described, but there is no doubt his words and books were influential on me and the excitement they inspired eventually led me on to D&D, Citadel miniatures, Warhammer and the rest of my misspent youth and adulthood.

I was particularly pleased to discover a few years ago that John Curry History of Wargaming were reprinting many of his books after some years of watching originals go for silly money on e-bay. I was delighted to re-acquaint myself with some old favourites and find myself once more enthused by his passion and ideas.

The rules still confused me, and I've still not actually played any of them, but I think I can safely say without Donald Featherstone’s skill at passing on his love for this crazy hobby of ours I certainly wouldn't be the toy soldier enthusiast I am today.

Thanks for all the years of pleasure you've given me and many others Mr Featherstone.

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  1. A great writer and a brave soldier has passed.