Friday, 23 August 2013

Old Faithful

I'm going to this tomorrow.

I am quite excited but also a bit fearful.
I go every year, and the day usually passes in a haze of poor London beer, static-electricity generating replica kit and amusing shouting in Northern accents.
However this year the mighty Hull are in the final.
And we (in)famously never win at Wembley.
The Cardiff 2005 final, where we did win, was a horrendous rollercoaster that left me emotionally drained.

And of course this year is a replay of the greatest Challenge Cup final ever (tm) (which we lost).

So all things considered I'm not looking forward to it as much as you might expect...

But, you never know....

 COME ON YOU HULL!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you wondering about the title of this post. The song the Black and White Faithful sing is the following Gene Autry classic. Though we'll be belting it out a good bit louder and more upbeat around 3 o'clock (and hopefully around five o'clock too)


  1. Will be cheering on Hull myself had a great 3 years there in the 90's hope you enjoy your day.
    Peace James

  2. I shall happily watch this and enjoy the game.