Saturday, 8 June 2013

Warhammer (slight return)

I've not played a game of WFB for what seems like ages (actually probably only a couple of months). I was starting to feel that if I didn't play soon I might never play again.
Anyway, a couple of posts on the Warhammer forum reminded me that 8th edition is a great fun version of the game. So I asked myself which army I'd had the most fun with under this edition.
The Dwarfs are a bit boring - though the step up has done their infantry plenty of favours, the Ogres have gone from being not at all good to being a bit auto-win since their new book, the Daemons have a new book out and I couldn't motivate myself to re-write army lists and the like and the Chaos Warriors just don't quite tickle me the right way. So I was left with the Orcs and Goblins. Although the army isn't finished - and I gave up on it about six months ago as I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm for painting the Arrer Boys- it is the one I've had most fun with in 8th edition. There's just the right amount of random in it for me together with some good fighty stuff and some great models. And it looks like an Army with some big old units with plenty of models in. So out they came.

I was to be playing against Warriors of Chaos and we rolled up the diagonal deployment scenario.

Turns out i'd forgotten the few lessons I had learned about the army (like always make your Orc Boys Big 'Uns) and as a result I lost quite heavily. It also turns out that when playing Chaos warriors you need something to deal with 1+ armour saves.
But I did have fun and I feel somewhat inspired to start work on the army again.

Here's a few pictures:

 Dawn breaks over the Arch of Chaos and dark shapes emerge from the haze

 A scary bloke on a scary flying thing appears

 Trolls start work on opening some tin cans

 The squig herd blunts its teeth on some well armoured dinner

 The not so big 'uns pile into the knights

 The horde de-hordes itself and awaits the arrival of the manticore

 The manticore, having munched through fifty Night goblins, crests the hill

 The Orc Boys dispatched, the knights turn on (even) easier pickings

And finally go toe to toe with Gruzzkup himself

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  1. Alway's good to dig out the old Arrer Boys :-) Nice piccies and good to know you still enjoy.