Monday, 3 June 2013

Dipped Bolt Action Americans (3)

Blimey has it been a month since I last posted?!
A combination of crazy homelife, busy worklife and a much needed holiday is my excuse for not posting anything recently.
Anyway here's another bunch of US infantry models for my expanding Bolt Action force.
I actually bought and painted these way back before Salute and they've seen action in my (so far) one and only Bolt Action game
They're all Crusader models supplied by the excellent Mr Nick over at Northstar. They're lovely characterful models, nice and chunky and easy to paint. they fit pretty well with the Warlord plastics (though I much prefer them) and were painted the same way as the others in basecoats and dip.
They really don't look as shiny in real life as the pictures make them appear - though maybe I need to go back over everything with the varnish.


I also used some of the Warlord plastics to create a medic model

The remaining Warlord models have also been assembled and painted - pictures later this week if I get chance.
As for the game - well it followed my usual gaming pattern and I came a distant second. Good to see that choice of rules makes no real difference to my playing ability.

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