Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Early Church WiP (2)

Many moons ago (last March) I started work on a Late Roman church for games of Age of Arthur and the like. Then I forgot about it.
However inspired by the fab work going on over at Mitch's Wargaming and Modelmaking I have dug out the slightly battered shell and done some more work.
Actually that's not entirely true I added the apse (I do love a big apse, fnarrr!) at some point last year.
However I was still stuck over what to do about windows until I assembled the Warbases models I picked up at Salute and discovered I had several small windows left over, together with a big door that would be just right for the front of the church. So I glued them all in place.
Then I saw what Mitch was up to and managed to get the roof on and take some photos.

So here we are - a little blurry and very much rough and ready:

As you can see I'm still waiting for a side door, but my chum picked a pack up from Partizan at the weekend. Next step is some towelling for the roof for a thatched effect. I did consider pan tiling but couldn't work out how on earth to get it to work on the curved roof of my enormous apse.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Tom. Yours is a lovely piece of work too, and may I say that I have never seen such a fine, big apse before. I'm sure it will turn heads on any wargames table!

    Smashing stuff mate!


  2. That Looks very good already. How will you finish the Roof? Tiles?

  3. Very good start!
    Same question as Paul .

  4. Thanks chaps.
    I'll be thatching.
    In fact I've just finished - pictures tomorrow maybe (if the PVA ever dries).
    I did consider pantiling for that proper Roman effect, and I have some of the Wills ones, but couldn't conceive how I'd wrap them around the curved apse roof without it looking bobbins.

  5. Looking good. Keen to see how you did the thatching.