Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I love the smell of burning MDF in the morning...

Look what the postie bought for me today.
A package from Warbases containing the door I need for the church project, some movement trays for Dux Brit and a Viking Longhouse just because I was ordering some stuff so I thought I'd have one (though it'll be some sort of Saxon dwelling for most of my games I'll warrant)

I was so excited by the arrival I stuck the building together immediately and glued the door to the church ready for rendering tomorrow.

Great service from Warbases I ordered very late on Sunday (or possibly very early on Monday morning) and they were with me today, so two working days door to door. Good price too and the kit went together very easily. The move trays look just the ticket for Dux Brit as well, so I'll be slapping sand on them shortly.

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