Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Warbases Dark Age Building

I bought this from Warbases at a show quite a while ago, possibly Triples 2012.
However I finally finished it off last week.
Its billed as a Grub Hut, although my understanding of that is the kind of building with no side walls - just a roof on the ground used (probably) for storage rather than habitation. Regardless, painted up and thatched it looks suitably "generic dark Age" for my purposes.

 A Musketeer late Roman for scale

Roof lifted off

The kit went together very easily and as you can see the roof and structure are separate so you can put figures inside if you are so inclined. A nice piece of kit and the price (£3.50 at present) means it's almost cheaper (and certainly quicker) than building your own. The roof is strips of face flannel soaked in PVA.
I considered putting some timber framing on the model but in the end just "rendered" it with pollyfilla, PVA and some fine sand. It was painted with cheap Wilko's Own Brand emulsion testers then the walls had a coat of Gryphonne Sepia (insert "most expensive bit of the whole project" anti-GW joke here) and then everything had some drybrushing. Quick, easy and cheap and I'm happy with the result: It's already seen action in games of SAGA and Dux Brit.


  1. nice building !!
    the walls are perfect and the roof is very good too !

  2. When I sent the drawings to Warbases I called it a Grub Hut as it was for me to fit into a sculpted section of a gaming piece and the roof would have been on the ground. I had sent several designs and named them as to the original purpose. He then asked if I was happy for him to use the design, hence the continued use of the grub hut name.

    1. Ah, that makes sense.
      It's a nice model whatever its called.

  3. Great looking building, love the roof!

  4. great job on this building mate

  5. Thanks chaps, enjoyed assembling and painting it.