Thursday 6 June 2013

Early Church WiP (3)

So last night I got out some toweling and a sharp knife and set to work thatching my church.
I did consider using pantiles for a more Roman look but decided against for two reasons. Firstly this is supposed to be a small rural church in an out of the way part of the country - prime raiding territory. So in my  mind its more likely to be rustic and basic and not tiled a la mode. Secondly (and probably more importantly thatching seemed like a far easier way of covering my apse (and I do like to cover my apse!) than using platicard pantiles.
So here are the results.
The basic technique is to cut inch wide strips of toweling (from a cheap ASDA face cloth), glue them down with PVA, then soak them in watered down PVA which you can then brush to flow in the correct direction and loosely resemble thatch.
The thatch probably needs some more PVA soaking in to it before its ready to paint - but it takes an age to dry so I'll probably give it another coat over the weekend.

What I'm really waiting on now is the side door, so John if you read this try and pop round soon with it.
Then I can render the walls and paint it.