Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Chain of Command Campaign (3) - the beastly Germans

General Ballroom has sent me his platoon profiles for our CoC campaign.

Unterfel Gabriel Bolt

Born in the last century, at 51, he fought in the last war; he was hoping to miss this one! Luckily,   he didn't get sent to Russia, instead he saw bitter fighting in Italy, on the Gustav Line. He was wounded in an attempt to successfully halt an assault by the Americans. He got sent home, after the worse of his injuries were healed, he was rewarded by a  commission in a newly formed Infantry Division. The men in his platoon are impressed by his recent combat experience, even though he's spent the last 25 years waiting tables at the Ballhaus Watzke in Dresden. (Add +1 to the men's opinion).

Obergrefreiter Cornelius Beck

At 22, Cornelius grew up in central Nuremberg, with his father working all hours in an armaments factory, furthering the Führers ambitions, Cornelius whiled away his time reading Der Stürmer and practicing amateur thuggery, using his prodigious size and faith in the new Germany. He joined the army in 1940 just in time for the invasion of France and the low countries. He's fought in North Africa and Italy before his unit was almost wiped out by the degenerate Americans. He respects the authority of command and enjoys the respect that his rank and physical prowess engenders.

Obergrefreiter Matthias Schultz

Schultz, a former dock worker from Hamburg, joined up when his communist leanings became known to the local authorities. At 27, his quick wits and powerful voice led to him leading a squad of ‘Hitler's finest’, nobody knows about his past or his political sympathies, but come the day, he's got a plan….. His fame as the companies finest scrounger and black-marketeer means that he and his squad eat well (a little too well based on his expanding belt size!).

Obergrefreiter Felix Weber

An office clerk since school, and now the army needs office clerks. Although, they seem to have made a mistake now he's been given a rifle and a squad to lead. At 32, the oldest NCO on the Platoon, yet, at least in his eyes, the least experienced and prepared.


  1. Love the little background stories in the rules.

  2. Great little backgrounds and reminds me I need to do that.