Friday, 21 September 2018

40k: Orks v Nurgle

Stephen came over to the Soldier Shack and we decided on a game of 40k. For some reason we couldn't muster enthusiasm for WFB and as I've just finished a bunch of Orks and he's been working on Papa Nurgle boys a 1000 point Patrol game seemed to fit the bill.

 Nurgle's boys out on patrol

 More of 'em. Don't like the look of that big thing at the back.

 Big mob o' Boyz

 Burnaz. Ready to cough up points.

 Klankenstein ready for mayhem

 The field of war

 Another big 'un

The Lord (of the Flies) arrived. So I shot him a bit. Then he murdered all the Burna ladz.

The Nurgle centre pushed up and shot all the boys dead.

Then the rest of my army turned up and marines started back pedalling.

 Send in the Klowns Kans

 Uh oh

Terminators arrived to shore up the centre. I was well behind at this point with three units wiped out with no Marines dead.

Then the red and green tide hit home.

 There's a Nurgle fella in there somewhere

The boys did what boys do best, wiping out both units of marines and falling on the terminators and big demon thingy.

Unfortunately the terminators were able to take down the warboss before they and the demon engine both succumbed.

End result was five dead units each. So a hard fought draw.
Maybe I'm getting the hang of 40k.

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