Thursday, 24 May 2018

Partizan Goodies

Apart from the chatting about the Crete game and taking pictures of other games I also did some shopping at Partizan

Here's the full haul...

Some animals. Wolves from Warbases for Frostgrave and a Gorilla from Bad Squiddo, probably for Jimland but possibly for painting white for Frostgrave.

Perry miniatures. Three more Scots Greys (so I can have a unit of 8 for our BP games. A cannon. Because I wanted one, but also for BP.
And some British Sudan infantry. Time I started that project back up.

Two little resin pieces from Coritani. Just some set dressing really. Well for Sudan/NWF most likely. Trough for generic European.

Crew for my 57mm AT gun from WestWind. Bought the gun years ago, but when I came to assemble it realised the crew were the British models. So these will mean I can finish the gun off (and take out Stugs).

The freebie pilot model from the show.

Paint from the Tree Fellas. These are good value at £1 a pot (or six for a fiver) and I think have pretty good coverage.

Static grass and some tufts from Great Escape Games.

A reasonable haul.

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