Saturday, 5 May 2018

WAB Saxons against Irish (Age of Arthur)

After a lengthy sojourn in Worcester Stephen returned to the fold of the Sherwood Hucknall Ilkeston Team and we decided to play WAB.
Steve bought his Irish, I bought Saxons (with some Romano British allies) and General Ballroom provided room and beer.
General B took command of the Saxon forces with me advising

The Saxons began by surging forward. Steve used the slingers to machine gun the gedrith and the promptly failed a break test and ran away a bit.

Everything else kept pushing up

Eventually the Saxons charged.

However the Irish held, and with their initial thrust blunted the ranks of the Irish began to tell and a break led to widespread panic and much running away.

Finally the remains of the gedrith ploughed home.

But promptly copped some Fianna in the flank

The mounted Duguth made hard work of killing some slingers.

The gedrith ground on but were losing the battle of attrition.

The rallied Duguth were surrounded and duffed up.

And with that the game came to an end with Irishmen triumphant.

A good game and it looked splendid. WAB's a bit clunky these days, but generally gives a pretty good game. Feel like painting a few more dark Age men now...

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  1. Always the way of it, play a pick up game and the urge to paint some of those languishing figures kicks in :) Looks a great game right enough, still drag out the old WAB occasionally too.