Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Frostgrave Barbarian

Another Frostgrave model finished off.
When the Gaming Heir and I were in full swing around Christmas time I started painting up one of each of the specialists. Most I fettled from the plastic sprue but for a Barbarian I had to go rooting around in the loft to locate a box of the old plastics from the Warhammer Quest game.

A splendid model. The limitations of the tech of the time are a bit obvious (there's some undercuts and indistinct bits around the sides) but it looks great. Like a Barbarian should. He is also massive, taller by a bit than the rest of the Frostrgave models. But that's OK.
I'm not sure I'll ever use a Barbarian in the game, but now I've got one ready for whenever the urge takes me.

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