Tuesday, 12 June 2018

OGAM in the Gaming Hut

I took the OGAM collection over to the Ilko Gaming hut to give the chaps a taste of mythical Greek action.
General B took Poseidon and Steve had Hermes.
It's been a week and I've forgotten most of it. i was quite busy trying to remember the rules and flicking back and forth and so didn't take many pictures either.

Hermes was killed by a centaur early doors (he was revived) and Steve found out (as I tend to) that Hermes is quite hard to use. Though he got the hang of him by the end.

 Peaceful, mythical Greece.

 Spartans. Nekkid as the Gods intended

 Dressed Greeks

 Poseidon prepares to prod the Brass Bull in the Brass Bullocks

None shall pass!

The early death of Hermes caused quite a bit of panic and rather too much of Steve's army fled the table. He did his best to claw things back but in the end Poseidon was triumphant.

It was a fun little game. Lacking much nuance - mainly due to me failing to explain the rules properly.
I do like OGAM though.