Sunday, 24 June 2018

Warlord Games' Plastic French Lancers

These are for Black Powder, Sharp Practice or Song of Drums and Shakos. Need to add the leader and trumpeter to make them eight strong.

They were given to me for my birthday a year ago, which is nice. They went together very easily - the horses in particular whilst less dynamic than Perry ones went together with far less filling and filing than the plastic Perry horses need.

There's only two bodies and two lance arms, and one of the lances is carried across the body. I wanted them all erect, so had to do a little chopping of one of the sword arms. I suppose I could have just used the sword arms, but these are lancers, the clue's in the name.
Painting was pretty easy, though obviously a bit of a faff because Napoleonics.

Pretty nice kit and if I get a single sprue I should be able to make 2 units of eight, which is about two more units than I really need, but what the heck.