Tuesday, 28 November 2017

40K Templars v Orks

The Gaming Heir has started back on a 40k trip.
This has involved buying some of the new Taller Marines (tm).
It also involved a game.
He devised a scenario that largely ensured my footslogging Orks had to trudge the length of a 6' table into the teeth of fire from a Land Raider Crusader and some Devastator Centurions before High Marshall Helbrecht debused to wipe out the remains.

Next time we'll play one of the book scenarios.

In entirely unrelated news I am assembling a Gorkanaut (or possibly a Morkanaut) and a Kill-o-Zap gun for my Orks.


  1. I think you just made my day - did I spot one of the polystyrene and cocktail stick cactii that was featured in WD many years ago? It was one of the first pieces of scenery that I built.

    1. A classic Spiker Plant no less :)

      I've got a couple more half finished.