Thursday, 16 November 2017

Another Late Roman v Irish WAB Age of Arthur game

So, enthused by our previous game, Steve and I once more convened for another Not Practice game of WAB ahead of the Peterborough event.

This time we played one of the scenarios from the book - Battle at Bassa's ford wherein the game is preceded by a challenge.
Not wanting my general to be dead before the game begins I rather tamely sent the Bishop forward to hitch up his cassock and meet his maker in the ford. This was also a bit tactical as the quicker he was killed the sooner the battle would start and the fewer reinforcements would enter for the Irish.

The fight was predictably short, bloody and one sided and my bishop bobbed off downstream.

At which point the Irish surged forward and over the ford in surprisingly large numbers.

However a counter-charge by my commitatus unit forced them back and resulted in my tough guys standing up to their ankles in the river.
Where, inevitably, they were charged in the flank.

On the right flank once again the Irish dogs were no match for my fearsome archers.

At the end of the battle I had just managed to hold the ford and the heroic archers meant only a single unit of Irish had crossed the river. Victory to Rome!

You can read Steve's version of events over on his blog

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