Saturday, 18 November 2017

Age of Arthur WAB Day. Game Two

After a refreshing (just the two pints) lunch and tasty burger punctuated by an idea for a 'Wargaming and Swearing' podcast featuring me and Steve and another discussion of James' Wargaming Nemesis it was back to the St John's Ambulance gaming hall for round two.

But first as king I ran year end reviews and goal setting appraisals for my team. And handed out new scenarios.

I would be playing Carl in the Caravan scenario. I'd be trying to get three carts off the table edge and he'd be trying to stop me.

I have played this scenario many times as both attacker and defender using Saxons (of many varieties) and Arabs (of an Almoravid variety) and I'm not sure that I've ever won.
Would this be the first time for me to triumph in this scenario?

Spoiler alert: No

I deployed in a solid line and discovered that the Saxons in the form of Carl had, (rather unsportingly I thought) bought along some cavalry - which were deployed (again rather unsportingly from where I was standing) in perfect position to run around the end of my line and capture the entire caravan with nothing much I could do about it.
I reflected on the plentiful advice I'd received, not least from the book's author, about how Age of Arthur cavalry were bobbins on dobbins and I shouldn't have any in my army no matter how pretty the models. And I sighed a gentle sigh.

Not many pictures of this game. Can't think why. I did have two pints at lunchtime so needed a few trips to the loo (it's an age thing).

I also, for some reason can't remember too much about the game at all other than Carl's horsemen ran past my archers and captured some loot whilst some of his Saxons ran through my archers and did likewise.
He'd recaptured the lot by the end of turn two.

So I went on the offensive a bit and set about battering some youths

And then a failed Warband test saw some Duguth unwisely charge my Commitatus and general and whatnot

However troops were in behind me

And eventually the returning horsemen helped make a sandwich of me.

A very jolly game. The fact that I have no grasp of the scenario had no impact on things and Carl was a pleasure to play against.
So that's played two, lost two. Just the kind of kingship England needs.


  1. Flags and units are just superb!

    1. The flags are all on Carl's soldiers I think. Mine have Dracos. It is nice to have two fully painted armioes clashing like this

  2. You sound like you defeated yourself before the game started, but it did sound like a fun game nevertheless and looks very impressive.

  3. This is the story of my wargaming life :)