Sunday, 19 November 2017

Age of Arthur WAB Day. Game Three

After a brief pause for some very tasty WAB Cake (thanks Mrs Mike) it was back to the campaign.

I led a team review noting significant LFL conquest upswings across the team (barring the actual leadership).
Then we split the scenarios and went off to war!

Unfortunately when we arrived at war we discovered several of us were due to play people we'd already played, so conquest plans were torn up and rearranged with different people fighting and all was well.

As an upside it turned out I'd be playing Andy McTaggart who I know well from our Gododdin games from a few years go and who is always a good guy to play soldiers with.

This time he was fielding Saxons, though thankfully without the fearsome and legendary Colyn of Romsford leading them.

As part of the scenario switcheroo I had inherited a small unit of static priests who would pray for my soul and grant minor miracles.
Those familiar with the state of my soul may imagine that these chaps would really be earning their wafers and communion wine.

I advanced my commitatus up the main road

Whilst laying a cunning and almost invisible trap for the Saxons.

Sadly my slingers were ambushed in the woods by some Duguth. Things looked bad.

Ambrosius dropped anchor on the main road.

Divine Intervention! The slingers (with the aid of fierce prayer) hung in the fight.

And eventually Hallelujah! Hallelujah! chased off the Saxon tough guys.

Then they machine-gunned shot them down with slings as they ran.

Over on the left my cunning trap was sprung. However the Saxons were handing it out good and propper and only a little more prayer kept them clinging on.
A rear charge by Duguth looked bad, but actually made it easier for me to rack up kills.

In the end time was against us. The Saxons had failed (just) to break my left flank - though I was all out of God Tokens by the end.

We sort of tallied up and agreed I maybe had a minor victory, but actually we'd just had a splendid game and one more turn way well have tipped it for Andy.

I do like playing games against Andy, I should do it more often.

With that the day was at an end.

Andy Hawes gathered us together to hear the cheering (and mildly surprising) news that my modern Kingship skills had resulted in a victory for the Ambrosius faction. Huzzah!
Instead of tea and medals the generous sponsors of Footsore miniatures gave all the winners a free Guinevere model. Very nice, thanks chaps.

there were also prizes (again generously supplied by Footsore) of blisters of soldiers for the best general - Mr James Morris. Bloke who writes book in surprisingly good at game shocker.
The general in most need of a new tactical manual also received a generous Footsore prize - I'll not name him to avoid blushes, but his name rhymes with Wike Mittacker.

And so we made our way home. On the way back we discussed more soldiers, the joy of WAB and James' Wargaming Nemesis.

Massive thanks to Andy and the rest of the Peterborough massive and to Footsore for the sponsorship.

Here's to the next WAB day - I wonder if Steve and I should organise one...


  1. A very satisfying end to what must have been a great day's gaming - win or lose!It's great to have opponennts who enjoy gaming rather than winning as their priority too.
    I liked WAB, but could never find anyone to play against, sadly.
    Great write-up of your battles - I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read them all!
      Yes, god people, nice armies - a great day out.
      WAB does give a good game (even if it's not always strictly an accurate version of ancient warfare)

  2. Thank you for posting these up, most entertaining. Some fine looking toys on display too.

  3. This is a real blast from the past! I have many good memories of WAB gaming days. I am jealous you seemed to have had a great day!
    Why did you use WAB 1.5 rather than 2?

    1. It was the choice of the organisers to use WAB 1.5. There's an active 1.5 community on Facebook.
      I think they felt the changes in 2 weren't always beneficial and also you can use the supplement without extensive errata if you just use 1.5