Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Orks v Black Templars

The Gaming Heir is warming up for his school leagues finals at Warhammer World.
This means I am doing a fair bit of painting for him. Hmmmm.

It also means he wants to play 40K, so on Saturday we got the toys out.
Just a 450 point skirmish - we used the scenario where the objectives are worth different points.
Here's the pictures.

 Letz jus 'ide 'ere for a bit

 Brother Namenlos spits death!

 Da red spoilz da kamuflage

 In go the marines, complete with novice meat shield

 Warboss Gruzzkup attempts to hand it out

Klash of da Titunz!

In the end I won!
Like taking candy from a baby (or VPs from a 12 year old)

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