Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Ork Klimax!

The final battle of our 40K Ork escalation campaign took place at the Ilko Gaming Hut.
Three players, three 1000 point Ork armies - who would emerge triumphant as Da Biggest Git on Ilkestaaaan?

We played using the scenario where each objective marker has a different points value - though we kept the values hidden to the end of the game so we never knew what they were worth (if anything). We also had two secret missions using the objective cards - again only to be revealed at the end.
Much bloodshed, swearing, shouting and beer drinking (not necessarily in that order) ensued.
But I forgot to take many pictures...

 Klan Ginganutz begins to swarm across da board.

 Da Ballruum Klan has a new vehikel

 More Ginganutz swarmin'

 Klan Gruzzkup goes to war. Or possibly Waaagh!

 Wot 'ave we got wot can 'urt dat?

Some lively debate ensued about how exactly Warboss Ballruum kept adding impressive new things to his army that didn't always seem to cost under 100 points in what was supposed to be an escalation campaign.
But General B assured us it was all legit. As he's had a stroke and is a black belt at some Ninja Death Skills we decided not to push our line of enquiry.

 Gruzzkup's ladz seize da centre

The irresistable force of Klan Ballruum meats some fairly skwishy bits of Klan Ginganutz

In the end, as had been the case throughout the campaign, whoever the Ballrumm Klan didn't attack emerged the winner.
This time it was Klan Ginganutz that was run over and stomped on.
So I claimed the victory and Warboss Gruzzkup reigns supreme!

It was a lot of fun playing Ork on Ork on Ork games and 40k was good fun until it started to creak a bit in the last couple of games - it works best as skirmish in the 500-800 point zone I reckon.

However it's time the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team played something else. Though what exactly that is will be a subject of some debate....

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