Monday, 10 April 2017

Orks 'n' Orks 'n' Orks (again)

Sorry blog I've been neglecting you a little. Been quite busy with that dull so called "real" life. And also been on holibobs to France - which was lovely.
Anyway, I do have some stuff to report on.
Starting with this the AAR of another game in our 3 player Ork 40K escalation campaign.
This (I think) was the 700 point game.
Unfortunately I've had several sleeps and several bottles of wine since this was played, so I've no real idea what happened - so you'll just have to look at the pictures and make some stuff up.

 Waaagh Gruzzkup get ready to burninate stuff

 Waaagh Ballruum sneeks fru da jungle

 Waagh Ginganutz pushes up

 Da Ballruum Klan Metal Munsters!

It was around this time that Stephen and I realised we had nothing in our armies capable of dealing with Mega Armoured Nobz.
Fortunately they're very slow and had been deployed out on a flank.

 Da Ginganutz Deff Dred takes to da hillz

 'ere we go. 'ere we go etc. etc.

 Da Ballrum ladz mob Gruzzkups trukk boyz

Da Ginganutz sneekily pick on wots left!

Sadly the battle didn't go well for Gruzzkup as he was the meat in the other Orks' sandwich.
At the end of a fun and furious fight it turned our Waaagh Ballruum had won! Much
to everyone's amazement - not least General Ballroom himself.

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