Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Another Ork 3 player 40K game

Back once again to the Ilko Gaming Hut for more escalating Ork action.
Again I'm not sure I can really remember what happened.
There were extra points to be had for capturing objectives in the central town, a foetid, crumbling inhospitable dump known as Derbi.

 Ballruum Klan ladz, marchin' along like Goffs or summink

 Genitalmen start ur enjinz!

 Ginganutz ladz standing back an shootin' like pansiez

 Waaagh Gruzzkup!

 Ballrumm ladz mob into Derbi

 'ere we ...etc. etc. etc.

 Ginganutz ladz fightin'? Must be a mistake!

 Maybe a deff dread can deal wiv MegaNobz (He can't)

 Da KongaLine of FIRE!!!!

Gruzzkupz ladz prepare to do several thousand pounds worth of improvements to Derbi

In the end Warhammer 40K was the winner.
And also Steve was the winner.

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