Saturday, 15 April 2017

Ap-Ork-alypse Now

Another Wednesday, another Ork threesome down the Ilko Gaming Hut.

900 points apiece this time.
Waaagh Ballruum were sporting a new Warboss on a big old bike (who for reasons best known to himself deployed behind the rest of his army).

One objective on a building each - three points for each one held at the end of the game.

Waaagh Ginganuz arrives

 Gruzzkupp's Ladz

 Still nothing in either of the other armies can deal with these

 Ballruum Boyz


 Clank etc.

 Big mob o' Boyz

At this point I chose to unleash the first ever Waaagh of the campaign.
Everyone was so impressed that i'd even remembered that they chose to mark the occasion by awarding me an extra victory point!
Sadly this was the highpoint of the game for me.
The boys charging the flamers got roasted and ran away, the boys charging the Ballruum boys flubbed their attacks and could only manage a draw and as for my Warboss...

 Snip, snip. off wiv his head. Dead Warboss.

 A draw

 Still nowt to harm them


It turns out ramming things is rubbish.

 Warboss Ballruum gets a load of Nobz up his rear

 Behind yoo!

Let's do sum more burnin'

At the end of the game I'd come third.
And the other two had tied for victory.
Warboss Ballruum expired good and proper in the post game wrap-up. So now General B will have to paint his fourth one of the campaign.

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