Thursday, 2 March 2017

Da Choppa in Da Rock - a 40K AAR

So the Sherwood Hucknall Ilkeston Team came together once more for the second round of our 40K Ork escalation campaign.

We'd be playing the scenario I'd made up with our 600 point forces.

I won the draw to pick deployment zone and elected for a corner. Steve was next out of the furry sack and chose the other corner so General Ballroom occupied the centre of the opposite side.
Steve's dice was the next drawn from the bag and so he deployed first. Along with much whining and grumbling that this should mean he got to go first or something. We laughed at him.
Then General Ballroom deployed, followed by me.

Then it was the all important first turn draw - which Steve won - though it didn't stop his mithering much.
 Gruzzkup's lads, ready to rumble

 Da Klan Ginganutz boys

 Klan Ballruum

 Ballruum Kan

 Behold! Da Choppa in da Rock!

Klan Ginganutz Deff Dredd klanks forward

Steve advanced cautiously and pinged a rokkit at my dread, shaking the crew!

Da Ballruum boys likewise crept forward and shot up some of the Ginganutz Bad Moons

I threw a bit more caution to the wind and sent my Dredd and Kan forward while the boys advanced and the trukk raced ahead spraying the Ballrumm 'Ard boys with (largely ineffective) fire.
Fortunately a lucky rokkit imobilised the Ginganutz Deff Dredd. This improved Steve's mood no end.

I then got to go again at the start of a new turn!

So I shot more rokkits at the Deff Dredd (to no effect) and advanced all over, apart from da Trukk who reversed and sprayed the 'Ard Boys with fire again (with identical minimal results).

The Bad Moons went next and a hail of missiles spattered off my Deff Dredd leaving but a single hull point remaining. Ulp!

The it was the turn of the Ballruum Klan whose warboss winged another rokkit at my Deff Dredd (missing) before launching all his boys at my big unit of ladz.

 Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go....
...ere we go etc.

An almighty scum ensued in which General Ballroom rolled well and I did the opposite.

At the end of the fight all my boys were dead. And so was my Warboss. First Blood to Da Ballruum Klan!

In the next turn da Ballruums again got to go first  - the boys elected to retreat behind the hill while the 'Ard Boys ran over to my trukk with murderous intent. A stray rokkit from the retreating boys saw my Killa Kan removed from the game - I was down to just two functioning units. However the 'Ard boys proved to be not all that 'Ard and failed to destroy the Trukk - so my lads subsequently drove off laughing (and firing. Ineffectually).

I went next and my Burnas emerged from lurking in the woods and melted most of the 'Ard Boyz.

As the next turn began I got to go first. The Burna boys subsequently finished off the 'Ard Boyz.
Whilst my Trukk lurked.

The Ballruum Klan went next and mighty Warboss Ballruuum marched up the hill, and pulled out his choppa and waved it around! 3 more VP for the Ballruums. 
Meanwhikle the third unit of Ballruum boys, accompanied by a Kan charged into some Bad Moons and wiped them out.

 Ooo wants to see my Choppa?


Hack, slash, maim!

Seeing Warboss Ballruum silhouetted against the sky was just too tempting for the Ginganutz lootaz who unleashed a (slight;y puny) hail of death. That the Warboss survived. 
Only to be cut down by the fire from a spare Big Shoota in a unit of boyz. 1 VP to the Bad Moons.
The Ginganutz Nobz duly ripped apart the Ballruum boys and Big Shootas destroyed the Kan

Ere, our choppas just bounce off!

Going next the Ginganutz klan advanced on the hill, but their Warboss remained out of reach of Da Choppa.
My Trukk raced to a position behind the hill, hoping my Nob could make a sneaky dash for the Choppa.
The sole surviving Ballruum Kan flailed into some the Bad Moons, who entertainingly were unable to damage it with any of their weapons.

The next turn saw the Nobz of the Ginganutz Klan cutting down my last remaining boys - no VPs for me and with that the game drew to a close with no Klan in possession of the sacred artifact.

Totting up the victory points and the Ballruum Klan came out on top. Despite only having a single Killer Kan left alive.

In the post game both General B and I rolled 1's for our Warbosses - they're both properly dead and will need to be replaced for the next game.

Al in all a good fun game - the scenario seemed to work and Orks v Orks v Orks is still an entertaining match-up.

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