Monday, 6 March 2017


It was always my intention that the jungles of Tombogo should have a bit of a Lost World feel to them.
So here's a dinosaur. Cheap children's toy from The Works.

TBH I'm not all that happy with it and think I've not really improved on the original paint job.
However it took about ten minutes in total and it's only a bit of nonsense so I'm not going to waste any more time and effort.


  1. It's interesting to consider we really don't know what dinosaurs looked like. Presumably they were various shades of grey and/or green, but who knows? Lately I've been seeing multi-colored renditions, sometimes with rather stark contrasts between colors. These are more interesting, of course, but any more likely? Again, who knows?

    All that having been said, I think your dino looks fine!

    Best regards,


    1. Yeah, I googled for advice and the best guess was greeny-grey, although there's a theory that the big frilly neck plate on a triceratops (which I also have one of on the paint table) was brightly coloured like a peacock tail. And then there's the "well they might have had feathers" theory....

  2. I'm not certain I think they now have some ways to determine color. The other thing is, as you say, that a lot of the dinosaurs had feathers for warmth. personally i like to put riders on them, Vikings and the like! I'm presently reading 'The Dinosaur lords' by Victor Milan.