Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Steve and I made it to Hammerhead on Saturday.

Just a flying visit, but altogether more uplifting than our last trip to the Derby show.
There were some very nice games on show, but i didn't have my camera so just grabbed a trio of images with my phone.

All of the ones that caught my eye were colonial games:

 Big Sudan game

 Rorkes Drift


All of these I recognised from the Lead Adventure forum and they all looked great.

My haul was relatively modest - a bag of Kallistra 12mm Great War British so I can crack on with the project James and I are cooking up for Partizan, some light blue paint from the Tree Fellas because I needed some and theirs is cheap and good and some large round MDF bases for putting trees and a Kraken on.

Then Steve and I went to the pub.

All in all a good day out.