Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Release the Kraken!

When the small boy and I played a few games of OGAM a couple of years ago he was in the midst of reading the Percy Jackson books and obsessed by the idea of playing with Poseidon.
When he read the rules he became even more obsessed with the idea of Poseidon having a Kraken to unleash.
Sadly decent models of Kraken in 28mm at a sensible price are hard to find and I spent a while checking out plastic kids octopus toys. In the end we moved on and the OGAM games and  Greek gods in general fell by the wayside.
However a recnt need to buy some things for other games led me to the Ral Partha website and a spot of random browsing later I came across their Kraken model - so I popped it in the cart and several days later took delivery.

And for the price it's pretty good. I've mounted it on a 60mm base and it still hangs over a fair bit.

It's had a fairly basic paint job - after some research it seems reddy-orange is the most likely colour for giant squid, though it's also likely they can change colour - anyway I decided the orange would contrast well with the sea colour. So it got painted with Citadel Foundation orange and then had a Baal Red wash applied, a little highlighting and I have a Kraken.

Now to challenge James to an OGAM game!


  1. Nice work, I really like the land/sea combo.

    Its amazing what little gems there are in the Ral Partha range!

  2. Great stuff, totaly 'kracken' in fact!.

    1. Funnily enough I have been going around saying "It's a Kraken" in a Frank Carson accent!

  3. That is absolutely superb, I love it!

  4. That is pretty cool and you have painted it nicely, well done!