Friday, 17 March 2017

Warhammer Orcs v Empire

General Ballroom remains indisposed so Steve and I were able to return to our first love proper Warhammer (8th ed).

I took my greenskins so Steve naturally went with the traditional enemy the Empire.

Steve began by pushing a big block of Pistoliers into the centre to draw out my fanatics, who failed to reach them.

With traditional Orcy subtlety I just ran forward. Steve attempted to get the charge in but rolled a double two for one unit and then a double 1 for the second. Tee-hee.

Unfortunately my trolls rather fluffed it and were beaten up by the Hippogryph rider things.

They then failed ther leadership test. Twice. Ran away and were slaughetered.

My chariot however did some serious damage to the swordsmen.

The Hippogryph things bore down on the Night Goblins

The chariot remarkably hung around.

The hippogryph things crashed into the poor Night Goblins. To everyone's surprise they hung in there.

The pistoliers had chased off the Night Goblin archers. But they rallied. And then failed an animosity test and charged the pistoliers.

The hippogryph things ground on  into the gobbos and eventually killed enough to chase them off.

Meanwhile the second chariot wreaked further choppy death on the swordsmen.

At this point we called a halt and declared a draw - though Warhammer was the real winner.

Steve and I really like playing Warhammer - it's ace.
If only General B hadn't turned into a wrong 'un who likes Age of Sigmar.


  1. Great battle report and great figures/units. I've only played a few games of Warhammer fantasy over the years as I tended to go down the historical line.
    Although I do have a couple of armies, which I may rebase and use with Simon MILLER's (aka BIGREDBAT) new fantasy rules that he intends to publish sometime in the future.

  2. Good to see people still play WHFB great game 😀