Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Da Choppa in Da Rock - a 40K 3 player scenario

This is a scenario I've cobbled together (cribbing from various sources) for our Ork v Ork v Ork game tomorrow night.

Da Plot

Morklin the Wonderin’ Wyrdboy has declared that “’Oooevva can pull da Choppa from da rock will be ‘Da Once and Futa Git’” who will reunite the warring Ork tribes of Ilkestaaaaan.
The lads have therefore rushed toward Nob Hill to try and claim this wondrous artefact for themselves.


Nob hill is deep in the verdant (and dangerous) Shyrward Jungle sector of Ilkestaaaaan. So the table is covered in jungle.
In the centre of the table is a hill with a rock with a Big Choppa buried in it


Place a chit (or dice or whatever) for each player in a bag.Draw a chit from the bag.
Whoever is out first gets to pick deployment zone. You can either pick the centre of one long side or a corner. If you pick the centre then the corners on the opposite long side are the other two zones. If you pick a corner then the other corner on the same long side and the centre of the opposite side are the other two zones.
No closer than 9” to the centre of the board
No closer than 12” to the edges of the board
No closer than 9” to the centre of the board
Maximum 12” in and 12” on from the corner

Repeat this process until all deployment zones are allocated
Return chits to the bag and draw again. Whoever is drawn first must deploy entire army. Repeat until all armies are deployed.


Draw a chit from the bag. The player whose chit is drawn takes their turn. At the end of the first player's turn draw another chit and so on.When all three have been drawn return them all to the bag and the turn ends.

Game Length

Random Length (see rulebook)

Victory Conditions

Whoever has the most victory points is the winner.

Primary Objectives

Pulling the Choppa from Da Rock gets 3 Victory points.
Whoever has the Choppa at the end of the game gets 1 VP

Secondary Objectives

Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker
You get 1 VP for each Warlord you slay and 1 VP for each Deployment zone you get a unit into at the end of the game.

Mission Special Rules


At the end of the Movement phase a Warboss may attempt to pull the sword from the stone. On the roll of a 5+ he succeeds.
If he fails he (and any unit he’s with) must immediately fall back 2D6” as all his mates laugh at him for being puny.
If the Warboss is dead a Nob can attempt to pull out the Choppa, but he needs a 6 to manage the feat.
Whoever holds the Choppa has +1 Ld while they have it
Other than that it’s an ordinary Big Choppa
The Choppa is dropped if the Warlord is killed. It can be picked up by a Nob at the end of the movement phase.
If the model carrying the Choppa is killed in HTH combat by a Warboss or Nob, they immediately pinch the Choppa for themselves.
And no, you can't pick up the rock with the Choppa in it and move it.

Dawn assault

Night fighting rules for turn 1


Fall back towards your own deployment zone

Massed melee

Only resolve combats that the active player’s troops are involved in.

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