Sunday, 26 February 2017

Templars and Orks - another 40K game

The verdant jungles of Sufur-W resounded once more with the crack of bolter fire and the pew-pew of lazers as the Black Templar's Titus Crusade again ran into Warlord Gruzzkup and his lads.

Sunday afternoon seems to be turning into a regular gaming session for me and the Gaming Heir. He did offer to play Frostgrave, but his heart's not in it and I know he really wants to play with his 40K toys, so I got the Orks and aquarium plants out again.

This time we used 1000 points (to my amazement I have this much Orks in a mostly painted state) and played one of the rulebook scenarios with a Relic in the centre of the board.

I forgot to take many pictures, but here's a taste:


 Da fin red line

 Dat's right, wave at 'em, dey'll not expect dat!

 Marines disembark

 Apart from this one

 Da Orks advance wiv finess and grace

 Sneakin' froo da jungle

 Da grey uns must be statshooz

 Yikes, Terminaturz

Quick ladz, grab da shiny fing!

After six turns of hard fighting I had the Relic and claimed the victory!

If we're going to do this regularly I might have to make up some sort of campaign.

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