Thursday, 23 February 2017

Frostgrave Tracker and Knight

As I flit like an overweight middle aged butterfly from project to project I settled on a spot of Frostgravery.

I've wanted the Tracker and Dog set since the game launched. Primarily for the dog, which I think is a great model. So naturally I've painted the other model in the blister, the Tracker.
This was a Christmas gift from the smallest boy, so turning him round by the end of February is pretty rapid progress for me.

The dog is undercoated, no promises on when he'll get finished.

The knight I got as part of the original Nickstarter - so getting on for two years ago. Ho hum. It's a really nice model. Noticeably bigger than the tracker, but as he's hired muscle I guess that's what you'd expect.

So that's two more models for the game I never play. *Sigh*

Back to some Orks and 12mm British next.


  1. Great work - I particularly like the colours.

    I need know exactly what you mean about painting for a game you never play! I think there are plenty of us in the same boat.

  2. Looking good! Sounds like you need some solo scenarios!