Thursday, 2 February 2017

More Ork on Ork on Ork action - 40K AAR

Once more the foul greenskin hordes met in brutal combat over the wartorn remains of Stefangrad once proud capital of the mining planet Ilkestaaaaan VII.

We each took similar armies to the last game at 500 points each. This time however we used the Orky stratagem cards and picked a random trait for our Warbosses. Gruzzkup turned out to be some sort of super loud bellowing lout, meaning I'd get to re-roll morale checks. Warboss Ballruum was a speedy type, allowing him to re-roll charges and Warboss Ginganutz is cunnin' and sneaky, or possibly sneaky and cunnin' or summat and gets to re-roll wounds or summink.

And so battle began

 Warboss Gruzkup's metal father and son act.

 Da Ballruum Klan rush forward

 Da Shooty Ladz of Klan Ginganutz

Ere we go, we are da Ballruum boyz!

The klan Ginganutz Deff Dredd klanked toward the Gruzzkup metal machines whilst the rest of the Bad Moons took aim at Ballruum's boys. With limited success.

In response Ballruum's lads launched themselves through the jungle and fell upon the Lootas who had so plagued them in the last game.


Meanwhile the two Deff Dredd's met in a mighty metal maelstrom. From which the Gruzzkupp walker emerged surprisingly victorious!

Klank, whirrr, Bang!

At this point the remainder of the Bad Moons turned away from the Gruzzkup Klan and instead went after Da Ballruumz.

Steve enjoys seeing Nobs hard at it

The Ginganutz nobs went through the Ork boys like a Choppa through a soft and squidgy thing. And then they fell on the Ard Boys and Warboss

 Oooo are ya? Oooo are ya?

In the ensuing fight the Ardboys were wiped out and eventually Warboss Ballruum himself was pulled to the ground and stomped on.

At this point the Bad Moonz and the remains of the Ballruum klan turned their attention on Warboss Gruzzkup - however with the Gruzzkup Klan totally undamaged and entrenched in possession of two of the four objectives the other two sets of Orks decided runnin' away was da better part of valler or summink and I was left in control of the field!

The next game will be 600 points - though we have to stay with the same core forces. Our Warbosses keep their traits too though the Balllruum Klan will need a new warboss (and traits).
The aim is to play 5 more games so we all end up with 1000 point armies. What larks.

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  1. Wonderful! Orks always seem to have the best models.