Wednesday, 22 February 2017

40K Orks v Black Templars. Again

Another Wednesday rolls by with the Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team unable to convene for a game.
So I was forced to cajole the Gaming Heir into getting his soldiers out.
I do seem to have played more 40K than anything for the last few months - which isn't bad going for a game I think isn't terribly good.

750 point throw down this time.

Here's the pictures

 The Orks descend on the jungles of Sufur-W

 Trukk. Ideal for jungle warfare

 Waaagh, Dis way Ladz!

Fine men of the Titus Crusade

 Brother Steinkauz leads the way

 The Warboss charges the Crusader...

 ...and opens it like a tin can

 Sgt Zimmerman is surrounded

 Uh-oh, Terminators!

 Zimmerman fights on!

Yuze aint burnin' uz!

A fun little game. We called it a draw at the end - though the Templars had been reduced to just their commander and there were only a handful or Orks remaining.
It's a clunky system but the models look great and the laddo seems to be enjoying it all - which is kind of the point really.

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