Sunday, 1 January 2017

Kallistra WW1 Late British (5)

Some more have been finished.
This brings the total to 24 stands and I can't do any more until I see James for a game on Wednesday and he furnishes me with some extra plastic bases like what I forgot to order more of.

For some idiotic reason I was thinking 3 stands made a battalion (I blame Warmaster. And old age.) so it's come as a bit of a blow to learn I've actually only completed 75% as many units as I thought. 6 as opposed to 8. It also means I'm probably going to need to order a few more blisters (which is no bad thing as I fancy a command blister in any case). End goal is 48 stands I think, though 36 will probably be enough for most games.

Anyway, here's some single stand shots.


  1. Like what you are doing here Mr TWD.
    Happy New Year from all at Transatlantic Scrivsland.

  2. Lovely job sir...and Happy New Year!

  3. Great work - happy new year.