Sunday, 8 January 2017

Square Bashing British v Germans

Having painted some Kallistra Late War British I was keen to get them on the table, so I pottered over to see James for a game.
In the event we spent several happy hour pouring over WW1 arial pictures and dubious maps of trenchlines and even improvising a grid from a cut up folder as we laid plans for a demo/particpation game at Partizan in May.
So the game rather took a back seat and it was getting on a bit before we set up and started.
Without much thought we threw a couple of quick forces together, declared the large Château Maurice in the centre of the board to be the British objective and went at it.

Sadly the initial bombardments didn't see off as many huns as I'd have liked, but gamely the British formed battle lines and went over the top.

I massed most of my forces in the centre and called in a barrage, but clearly communications were cut as no shells were forthcoming.

The Germans held their ground and called in their own barrage much more successfully.

However although communications were good, accuracy was less so and Château Maurice erupted in a storm of mud and smoke.

As my advance built up I was able to call in some French air support. Fortunately the Red Baron proved to have other calls on his time and so didn't appear to counter the threat. However he needn't have bothered, the strafing run proven ineffective.

At this point the massed British assault went in and was thrown back by stout German defence.

On the right, a rapid advance meant a single Veteran Battalion (using French stunt doubles)  had turned the German flank - Château Maurice looked vulnerable.

Once more German artillery barked forth. And once more quite a lot fell on Hun heads.

However it also weakened the British centre and I was unable to force my way into the Château.
Fortunately help was on hand from the French flying ace.
Who sadly proved ineffective once again.

And with that time caught up with us and Château Maurice remained in German hands.

I'm enjoying the games of Square Bashing. The rules are simple but fun. Bits of them are a little indecipherable but persistence and common sense means we could agree some outcomes that seemed credible.
We agreed we probably need a bit more terrain on the table in future, and I need to get better at calling in barrages!


  1. Excellent! These explosion markers are a wonderful and atmospheric addition on an already superb battlefield...

    1. The explosions and battlefield are all James Morris' work.
      Wire wool and a 2p coin I think are the materials of choice.

  2. Really like the look of your terrain and figure bases..well done!

    1. Thanks - all credit really to James, I just copied his basing for my British - the board and all the terrain is his.