Friday, 20 January 2017

Orks v Orksv Orks - 40K AAR

On the war-torn planet of Ilkestaaaaan VII amid the ruins of the capital city of Stefangrad rival Ork Warbosses have met to try and hammer out a peace accord. Or, failing that hammer a piece out of one another.

Warboss Gruzzkup had turned up with his Evil Sunz lads and Warboss Ballruum has likewise appeared with red clad boys. Meanwhile Warboss Ginganutz has used da high valyoo of his teef to kit his Bad Moon ladz out in a most un-Orky shooting fashion.

Proppa red ladz.

Steve loves big Nobz
The dawn breaks and a scene much like the end of The Good the Bad and the Ugly is played out. Only a lot quicker and with more swearing and beer drinking and rather less weird synth music.
As I have bought a Big Choppa to a Power Klaw fight I figure attack is da best part ov anyfing and launch Gruzzkup at Ballruum.
Who powerklaw's him to death in the face.
The two remaining Warbosses then manage to kill each other.

So with that out of the way we can get on with fightin'

Right, lets get it on!!!!
Thwack, thwack, thwack!

I tried an ambitious flanking manoova with the Shoota Ladz.
And ran into some Nobz.
Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go...
Steve spends a lot of time looking at Nobz
It's ON! Like Orky-kong
Over in another corner the two Evil Sunz Tribes went to Waaaagh with each other

Thwack, splat,krump!
And Ballruum'ss boyz stuffed stikkybombz up da Dreddz exhaust pipe.

Steve is used to having things shoved up his exhaust
Sadly Steve still had da wayt of numbaz. And more dakka

In the Red on Red action the Ballruum boyz came out on top and even throwing a Killa Kan into the mix was no help.

Eventually the two Evil Suns tribes had all but wiped each other out and the cocky Bad Moonz held sway in the ruins of Stefangrad.
However this is just da start and more Orky Civil Waaagh is likely to rage across Ikesaaaaan VII for a few more weeks (or until we get bored).