Monday, 9 January 2017

Frostgrave Statues

I decided to make some statues for the Frostgrave scenario that requires six statues.
And also just as general Frostgrave LOS blocking statues.
So a quick mash-up (as I believe the youngsters have it) using Gripping Beast plastic Arabs, Gripping Beast plastic Vikings and Warlord plastic Celts.
I was aiming for an unusual antiquated feel for the statues, like the ancestors of those who lived in Frostgrave before the thermostat broke.

 Arab body, Viking head, Celt shield

 Celt body, Viking head, Arab shield

 Celt body, Arab head

 Arab body, Celt head, Viking shield

 Viking body, Celt head, Arab shield

Viking body, particularly stupid fat Arab head, Celt shield

All simply glued to Warbases 25mm rounds, sprayed with grey primer, Badab Black Wash and Fortress grey drybrush.
Happy with these for a quick job.


  1. Well they certainly work, great job Tom.

  2. I don't mind the last one. Statues seem to over-emphasise some things. Looks much better than the statue of Stonewall Jackson at Manassas!