Sunday, 18 December 2016

Blood Bowl Dark Elf

The Sherwood Hucknall and Ilkeston Team has been gripped by new shiny Blood Bowl fever.
Well some of them.
As a result the first ever Mid-Winter Maul will be happening at the Ilko Gaming Hut between Christmas and New Year as four team tussle for possession of the S.H.I.T. Bowl.
Now I've never played much Blood Bowl (I had a few slightly painful "introductory" games with some of the more "competitive" elements when I worked at GW which rather put me off the whole thing).
But I do have a team that's languished half painted in a box for ten years or more, so I dragged them out of the loft and this is the first test model finished (bar basing)


  1. Nice work on the Elf.
    I never really got BloodBowl, painted a couple of teams but it never clicked for me.
    Merry Christmas from Scrivsland.

  2. Looking very nice, I will run you through the basics, you might be our underdog as I fear the rest of the runners have all won leagues! You can have a gentle game with me, GB won't pay attention and then Andy will kill us all!

  3. Lots of good stuff going on Tom. Instead of my normal thread necromancy I'll comment here. Interesting to hear your thoughts on Congo. As long as you're having fun with friends I think it all works. The Kallistra Brits look good. Warmaster is something I've thought about alot but have resisted. Legit figures are very expensive and a little hard to find. I like the idea of 40K in 40min, I shall investigate further. Lastly, I like the look of your test Blood Bowl figure. I cught the bug over the Summer, but it passed and I have two Orc and one Human team plus a couple of Star players unpainted.