Monday, 23 May 2016

Steve Jones' AWI at Partizan

Over on the table next to us at Partizan Steve Jones was putting on another AWI spectacular.
Strawberry Hill I believe.
It all looked lovely and here are some pictures:

I've no real idea who won, what was going on or why or how, but it all looked great.
I want some of the men in pointy hats.
I expect there'll be a report over on Steve's blog very shortly

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  1. Thanks Tom. It was Short Hills NJ (26th June 1777). Strawberry Hill was a skirmish earlier on the day of the battle, about 8 miles east on the outskirts of Woodbridge NJ.

    The British won in the end thanks to the 1st Guards battalion refusing to be stopped by anything!

    Chaps in pointy hats are Hessian grenadiers and they are, indeed, cool; especially the guard grenadiers mit der red lions.