Monday, 9 May 2016

Gebirgsjäger for Crete

Part of my haul of cheap Perry plastics from Boyes was a box of Afrika Korps.
James and I have chatted many a time and oft about some possible Crete action and it seemed to me that it might be possible to fashion some passable Gebirgsjäger from the DAK set.
Ones at least that would fit in scale-wise with the relatively small Perry WW2 models, rather than towering above them as I fear some other other ranges might.

So here's a test model.

Think it could maybe do with some more highlighting, but it's passable as a Cretan Gebirgsjäger I reckon.
The boots aren't quite right I fear, but at this size who really cares?

I snipped the entrenching tool off as I initially couldn't find reference to them, but some b&w shots of the Mountain Troops boarding gliders and JU52s shows them on the backpack.

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