Monday, 16 May 2016

40K Birthday Bash

Late last week I became the parent of a teenager.
Weird, huh? I'm only about nineteen myself I reckon.
Anyway the son and heir decided for his birthday to get some of his gaming mates together and play 40K, so a table was booked at Warhammer World (it can be handy living in Nottingham).
At one point Stephen was threatening to attend, which would doubtless have resulted in much beer drinking, but as it was he was indisposed (probably painting Naps) so I had to try and organise and run things myself.

Needn't have worried various adolescents had memorised the entire rule book.

Anyway, chaos ensued with assorted armies running around narrow corridors.

I think fun was had - though my wife suggested mostly by me.

One thing I did notice though. On all the other tables the huge models were much in evidence. 40K has shifted from being a game of troops in the 41st millennium to battling robots with added flying stuff.
That may be a bit of the Warhammer World factor, in as much as there are big nice looking tables and everybody wants to get their big models out, but even on the smaller games everyone seemed to have at least one, and sometimes an entire force of Giant Robots of Death and Skullz (tm) . I've never been much of a fan of 40K the game, but always liked the background, but this seems to have moved away from that into a sort of up-scaled skirmish version of Epic.

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