Friday, 6 May 2016

Artizan NWF British (4)

A pair of NCOs to lead the plucky 99th North Humberside Regiment on the NWF.
Painted the same way as the rank and file, lovely little models these from Artizan.

I've a pair of officers on the painting desk, so that'll give me two units of 12 for TMWWBK or a single unit of 20 for TSATF.
Next up I fancy some Sikhs.


  1. It really is an excellent range!

  2. I have a few on the range and they are great figures..........I may need some more šŸ˜€

  3. Lovely job Tom, I really need to give some thought to units for TMTMBK before too long.

  4. I really like Artizan's figures. Only ever painted the Late War Germans though. I like the painting tips you've been giving as well.

  5. I like the ARtizan figures so much I have managed to resist the Perry plastics.

    1. I think the Perry British look lovely, but also fiddly. I found the Beja complex enough that I've no real desire to spend the necessary time to assemble them. Given that you only need 40-60 or so British for either TSaTF or TMWWBK I think I'd rather spend a little more cash and have MIke Owen make the models whole for me than spend hours bodging together the skillful Perry work.