Wednesday, 4 May 2016

British Naps for Sharp Practice 2

General Ballroom and I have gone all giddy and bought Sharp Practice.
Now I struggled with Dux Bellorum, but have been won around to Lardy rules by James and Scrivs and various games of Chain of Command (and a little I Aint Been Shot Mum).
That plus Mike Hobbs' posts about War of 1812 (a conflict I've long wanted to game) were enough to send me scurrying to the loft in search of Perry plastic redcoats.
And here's the first eight.

They look a bit crude close up because, umm, they are a bit crude close up. Bish, bash bosh is the best approach to Naps I reckon, otherwise you'll lose your marbles in the lacey insanity.
Basecoats and the CDA wash for the win.
These will do just fine for my purposes.

Of course Gen B aand I started this, but the painting machine that is Stevo has already cranked out over 40 Frenchies in the time it's taken me to do these


  1. Thanks for the mention, I am trying to support project Sharps Practice

    1. Indeed, though you'll have completed enough to invade Russia at 1:1 scale by the time we've got an SP2 force together

  2. Very nice Tom, I have always shied away from Naps for exactly the reason that you mentioned - so much to paint!

    1. They are a bit of a chore TBH.
      I think I'll do very well if I get the 40 or so I need for SP done!

  3. They look great.....šŸ˜€