Monday, 28 April 2014

Warpstone Crystal

This is one of the resin bits I picked up at Salute.

It's from Wargames Terrain Workshop.
I'd spotted them before I set off and wandered by their stand before the doors opened. In their online store at the time they only had plain resin versions, but when I saw they had them in coloured crystal resin I knew  had to get a couple. So I picked up the large crystal in red and this medium one in green.
It'll be a stack of purest warpstone for our forthcoming underground games of WFB.

Took me only a few minutes to paint the base and drybrush with greys, then I gave the crystals a wash with green ink, just to emphasise them a bit and job done.

In other news my regular WFB opponent has just started a blog.
He is both a better and faster painter than I am. And more ginger.
It'll be mainly WFB based I imagine (with maybe some WotR thrown in) but go and have a look and give him a follow if you like that sort of thing:
Stevo's mini Soldiers

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  1. beautiful crystals !
    they will be very nice on the table !